Refund My Ticket


What’s RefundMyTicket Manager

The RefundMyTicket Manager platform is a tool dedicated to Travel Managers who aims at optimizing their corporate travel budget or simply offering a new service to its corporate travelers (or both).

  • Simple subscription

    Simple subscription

    Entirely free, the subscription to our service is very simple if you are a Concur partner. You simply need to
    login with your Concur credentials. Then, once you allow us to access your data, we will automaticaly edit a contract you will
    receive by email. This will allow us to access your travel archives in Concur and start claiming on your behalf.

  • Efficient Service

    Efficient Service

    Our system allows us to claim for you all compensations your employees are
    entitled to as their flights have been delayed, cancelled or overbooked. It handle the paperwork and maximize
    you success rate. Only 15% of the passengers claiming on their own, actually succeed to get the legal compensation.

  • No win, no fee

    No win, no fee

    We only work on a no win no fee basis. This way you don’t take any risk if you want to test our service.
    Our rates are the lowest on the market. We only take 15% of the compensation we succeed to get for you as
    amicable agreement and switch to 20% of indemnification and damages in case of legal prosecution.

How much can we claim for you?

We estimated that 1.2% of the european flights are entitled to a compensation. With an average of €440 of indemnification and a success rate of 95%, we can estiamte the amount we can claim for you with the following calculation:

Flights your staff use each year * 0.012 * 440€ * 0.95
To make it short
Flight ticket purchased each year * 10€

As we can claim 3 years retroactively, the 1st year we can claim for you 3 times this amount.
The indemnification we get are then split between your employees and your company following the rate we will have chosen together

To know more, follow the link

Reporting Platform

Our system makes us autonomous as the contract is signed. So we do not bother you anymore with any paperwork or questions.
However, we offer you a reporting platform, you will be able to use to review the number of entitled claims, Sent Claims, Successful
Claims, Paid Claims, etc.

If you are not a Concur Partner, feel free to contact us anyway, we are sure we will find a solution anyway.
To know more about our service, have a look at our FAQ section or simply write to us.