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  • What to do in case of delay flight?

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    Your flight is delayed and because of that, either you missed a professional meeting or arrived late at your holiday location.

    What to do in this case? You should make a claim near us on the RefundMyTicket website.  We will enforce your rights in order to obtain a financial compensation.

    As air passenger, you have rights

    The first thing to know is that you have rights and these rights aim to ensure a high level of protection for passengers suffering from delayed flight.

    As a matter of fact, in 2004, the European legislator has set up a legislative arsenal in order to protect in a better way air passengers traveling in and outside of the European Union.

    The Regulation is applicable to all worldwide airlines when departure takes place within the European Union (EU) and, in the case of flights from outside the EU to a destination within the EU, only to airlines licensed in an EU Member State.

    The EU Regulation does not provide a time limit for make a claim

    This means that you can make a claim with RefundMyTicket for delayed or cancelled flights that occurred 4 or even 6 years ago. It is therefore not necessary that your claim concerns a recent flight.

    Indeed, the European Regulation No 261/2004 does not provide in its provisions of a limit period for make a claim in case of cancellation, delay or denied boarding. The legislature provides instead that these issues should be left to the discretion of the respective Member States. For example, in the UK, it is possible to claim compensation for damage caused by delay until six years after the occurrence of the event.

    In the event of a delay of 2 hours

    According to the EU regulation, a flight is considered as delayed if the take-off happens at least two hours behind schedule (also depends on the flight distance).

    In case of delay of 2 hours or more, know that your rights are not limited to financial compensation cause the EU regulation is also about passenger comfort.

    In case of any delay of at least two hours, passengers could expect to have free meals, as well as refreshments. In addition, they have the right to make phone calls free of charge or to send two faxes, telex or e-mails to inform others about the delay.

    If the time of departure is deferred until the next day, passengers must also be offered hotel accommodation and transport between the airport and the place of accommodation.

    Moreover, delays above 2h or 4h for flights longer than 3500km must be explained to you. These explanations should state the reason for the delay.

    In the event of a delay of 3 hours

    Since 2009, a passenger suffering a delay greater than 3 hours on arrival is entitled to receive a financial compensation.

    More precisely, excessively delayed flight entitles the passengers to indemnification ranging from 250 to 600 EUR per person depending upon the specific conditions of flights. The combination of destination or origin and the flight distance allows calculation of the amount due to you by the airline.

    However, there could be no compensation at all if the air carrier can prove that the delay was the result of extraordinary circumstances.

    From experience, the reasons given by the airlines to avoid compensating passengers are multiple and sometimes very complex. This is why you should not hesitate to use the services offered by RefundMyTicket.

    In the event of a delay of 5 hours

    It is common to see delays of more than 5 hours on arrival and the reasons given by the airlines can be diverse. Our role in RefundMyTicket is precisely to see and analyze whether those reasons are justified or not.

    Anyway, you should know that when the delay is 5 hours or more, it is possible to request a refund of the ticket price.

    About RefundMyTicket

    Only 5% of eligible passengers claim their rights. Others, often misinformed or discouraged by multiple of obstacles just give up. And so, it is more than 1.7 million of passengers that annually abandon € 500 million to the airline companies. Nearly €5 billion unclaimed since the introduction of the EU legislation n°261/2004.

    At RefundMyTicket, we are determined to enforce the rights of passengers around the world. So, our mission is to help passengers get their money back for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight. In that regard, we take the necessary steps to obtain the refunds due by the airline companies.